Wednesday, December 7

Family Pictures!

On Monday we took the girls in to get our annual family pictures taken. I think we got some pretty good ones.

They always try to entice you to buy the photos with enhancements... well the cute little dresses I got the girls make them look like jail birds in black and white!

Tuesday, November 22

Pumpkin Patch

On the first Saturday of October, Stephen was home and the weather was beautiful so we decided to go the pumpkin patch before the rains came. There were NO crowds whatsoever. In fact, I think they were surprised to have us there... even though they had big OPEN signs. Stephen and Evelyn picked out a "Cinderella" pumpkin and the owner gave Evelyn a little baby one. The big one was supposed to be Evelyn's and the baby one Leah's but Stephen had Evelyn try to hold the big one and she said it was "too heavy me" and that it was Daddy's pumpkin and she hijacked Leah's. I don't think Leah cared much.


 In September we went camping with Sara, John, and Kevin near Florence. Evelyn really liked sleeping in a tent. She still mentions sleeping in a green tent!

Evelyn is wrapped in the cloth that makes the "wall" between the "rooms" of the tent.

Camping takes a lot out of a girl!

Thank you to Kevin for sharing his bed with Leah. She was so sleepy and we had already packed hers.

Summer Fun

Summer may have been a VERY long time ago but here are a few pics anyway.

Evelyn loves playing in the pool.

We went to the state fair on Labor Day. It was so super duper hot, we had fun!

Sunday, August 21

Super Saturaday

Since the weather has been SOOO nice we decided to use our grupon Oregon Coast Aquarium tickets yesterday. Newport was beautiful. One can't hardly ask for a better day at the coast. Some friends of ours from Corvallis joined us. They have a little girl Evelyn's age and a boy Leah's age. The girls (the 2 1/2 year old ones) had a blast looking at the the fishies and things. After lunch we spent a few hours on the beach where the older girls and their daddies got good and wet and sandy. Evelyn as super tired so we decided to head it back home early. On the way back we had to stop for the vehicle in front of us to make a left turn and the people behind us didn't. Luckily the kids seem to be just fine. Our friends took Evelyn back to Corvallis for us (we were only 5 min from the coast, a long ways from home). My sister happened to look at her phone just as I called her. She was working and had her phone on silent. We were so protected by Heavenly Father! Somehow even though we were pushed into the oncoming traffic lane there were no cars (remember we were stopped because the person in front was waiting for space to turn). The girls were shaken, but there was a lady that stopped with us that was nice enough to take care of Leah while I tried to console Evelyn. When she finally stopped crying, she saw the back end of the car and started all over again. It was so great of the Fry's to take her home with them! I can't thank them enough! They even fed us all dinner when we got back home. Like I said, the girls seem fine, Stephen seems fine, and I can't use my neck. But it could have been so much worse (did I mention that it was a truck that hit my Corolla?!?). Here are pictures!

Sunday, July 17

Family Pictures!

Yesterday we took the girls in to take some family pictures. We went to the Sears Portrait Studio in Albany. They were so good to us! We had a 1 pm appointment and by 1:40 we still hadn't managed to get Leah to stop crying long enough to get a decent picture of her. The let us come back and fill an empty 3 pm slot. We ended up getting some really great shots! Here, look and see!